How To Make Display Remain On For Longer

I wonder if we have a tweak to allow the display to remain longer on after (tilt to wakeup).

There is a " always on display " option if you use universal launcher . Be carefull using this function depending on what type of screen your watch has . It has other options you may like


Thanks for the suggestion. I use the Kospet Prime and I read that using always-on display is a bad option for this type of screens as it consumes a lot of battery and may cause display permanent burn-ins. Thats why I asked about an option or tweak to make the display remain longer after tilt.

You are correct although we have not seen any screen damage at all so its at your own risk . I have used ā€™ aod ā€™ with no issues . I have tested watch with everything on , on my prime


I got 8 hours

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Oh wow that is impressive!
I think Iā€™m gonna give it a try then

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Greetings @Dr_Andy_Vishnu, what is aod ? Please answer me.

Always On Display


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Yes . Always on display

Thank you @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @irohunk , well I thought it was some new app. I also searched on app. Store :slight_smile:

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