how to kw88 160923 firmware update?

how to kw88 160923 firmware update?
ota is not working
i want install kw88 160923 firmware

I upgraded via OTA lastnight, was nerve wrecking and took about 15mins but worked fine viwa my wifi.

If I was you I would not bother updating unless you are experiencing random reboots. This usually affected runners.
Otherwise there’s no need to update.
If you must update then use the flashable FW with SP tools. Select download only mode and don’t flash the preloader

I didn’t know but certainly older apk watchface no longer work. the latest apk Johnny just released seemed to work fine

@Lokifish_Marz I took that as a mistake. Doesn’t exist as far as I know…

@Peter_James_Young wich one? Can you give the link oh Johnny’s apk?

Actually all of them work even the Tag one but access differently. Sorrybitnwaskenneth not Johnny.

@Peter_James_Young which FW version are you on and it was an OTA right? All the apk files work ?

Yes all APK works, I just didn’t know to access the watchface differently from your version of watchface, Yes OTA worked fine for me.