How to keep app active on the kospet prime watch?

Hi there,

I found it is impossible to keep app active after screen off on the kospet prime watch ( 2.6b ).

I have disabled the “power saver” switch at first.
I tried to share realtime location via an parent control app, and it is ok when the screen on, but doesn’t work after a while since the screen off.I am not sure how long it can keep working after screen off.

I doubt there would be another switch controlling the memory cleanning or data connection of background apps. I can find the only same “power saver” switch from several different places.

Any suggestion?

Have you turned off the app in " battery saver " and " data saver " ?

This will allow the app to run in the background

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Try to reboot it. after enable or disable in battery saver do reboot. it fix the problem for me

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Yes, I think that is “data saver” cut the data connection. I will try it more times.
Thank you for the suggestion.
Great community here!

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