How to improve GSM network reception? (Lemfo Lem X)


In my appartment, when I used the SIM card in samsung J5, I never had a problem with missing calls.

With Lem X, there is at most 50% success rate. The rest go to voicemail. I tried 2G, 3G, 4G setting, and enabling mobile data. No change.

Is there anything I can do (anything, like rooting, 3rd party app, other?). I have the latest update.

This being said, I love the watch, I would just like it to be a working phone as designed.



whats up jamesgordon55…the issue with the lemx watch… ALL OF THE LEMFO LEMX watches have blocked imei… meaning all united states carriers block the watch from fully registering. ITS a huge problem for all lemfo watches… regardless of what model you have. I posted up a solution on how to fix it…im making a youtube video on how to do it…but requires you to have 1.ROOT 2.MAGISK…thats all you need

Hi, thanks for replying - when do you think your solution/video will be available?
I’m on a Polish network (Orange), in Poland (EU) btw.

the video has been up already…follow the steps shown in video…and make sure youre rooted and have magisk installed…and ur good to go

and look up the lte bands for orange…and see if the lemfo lemx has those bands

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Yes lemfo will help you and this is all that needs to be said.
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