How to help screen not waking up for notification if using different launcher than default

Hey everyone just wanted to post something I found useful in case anyone was:

  1. Using a different launcher, other than what is set by default/stock
  2. Having trouble getting notifications to wake the screen up.

Description of problem:
I have my default launcher set to Nova Launcher, and when notifications arrived, it would not wake up my screen. I quickly became tired of having to press a button each time just to wake up the screen.

I tried using an app called, “Glimpse Notification”, which is designed to wake up screen upon arrival of a notification but in my opinion, it started it cause battery drain, and my device would get warm which may be due to giving app permission of notification listener, and it doesn’t always work half the time.

I found by going back to stock launcher fixes issue but it was a pain to go into Nova settings each time. I’d recommend using AutoTools (same developer of Tasker) which quickly allows you to set a default launcher with a prompt.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

On startup boot, first, open AutoTools, and when it says choose default launcher, select stock launcher, with the option, “Just Once” and after the stock launcher has opened, press the home button, and choose secondary launcher, and the option “Just Once”
Then press the home button the third time and when it gives the prompt, now choose "Always.

This helped my device to start to wake up the screen upon arrival. Hope this helps anyone.

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