How to fix my rogbid brave

How to fix my rogbid brave watch, after i chose clock skin my watch became block and repeated cycle icon, i don’t know why, please help me on this thanks in advance and GODbless

There’s several topics on this, you can try to quickly swipe left just after booting to reach app manager and reset to factory, or just flash your fw.


Thanks for quick response and GODbless

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I found one of my watchfaces i made in the past, which caused the same loading circle and I thought I broke my watch. Restarted and same behaviour tried to swipe to click and what not. It didn’t help. Hooked it up to the pc and deleted this killer face. And everything was fine again. That was my solution.

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Have you already send me the link? I would like to have a look. Maybe you already did and I forgot. :pensive:

I did Griffin - Google Drive
I am not sure if it was exact this version I have 3 or more version on my pc of the Griffin and one did this in my lemfo lem 12 pro

I’ll check. Was it a stocklauncher crash?

No idea what it was but it got stuck in a kind of loading something loop could do anything it was doing it even I managed to reboot the watch I don’t use ul so it was on stock engine

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Thx. I will check this.

@Jurgen_Oberst I checked the one you’ve sended. It’s working and looking fine.
Please send me the other files, I would like to reproduce the crash.

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