How to create a digital second for stocklauncher


I am not sure if anyone is interested. Most of the face engines on Android 7 and higher can also display the second hand with “digital movement”. That is, the second hand jumps forward in steps of one second. All you have to do is open the clockskin xml, then add a line:


Download this ugly - Google Drive

Have fun!

By the way: watchfacedesigner can’t handle it. It will run on your watch only.


Very useful Information! Thanks!

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You are welcome, @Jurgen_Oberst !:grin:

Is there a way to change the image at each second, so that the shadow is correct with the virtual light source?

Of course. I did this in the testface. All you need is a 2nd layer for the shaddow. The center of the shaddow layer is then shifted by 4px on the x axis and on the y axis.


Thanks for the tip @G1NT0N1C , I will test it later.

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It’s very easy. Subsequent editing of existing watchfaces is also done quickly. Some watchfaces look better with this type of second hand.

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Super :+1::+1:
Thank You :+1::wink::+1:

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Annoyingly, there are some new functions that are not integrated in the WatchFaceDesinger. So like this one. the only way to use it is to add it manually.


Nice tip, thank you very much. I am working with WFD in the last beta version and have to make changes in the xml file anyway, f. e. battery hands. I will test it in the next work.

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Yep, that’s what it is. A beta version. I really hope Marco is well and will be back some time…:pensive:


Great post mate :+1::handshake: