How to change the face (dial) of this smartwatch?

How to change the face (called dial by Chinese manuifacturers) of this smartwatch?

S12 Ultra 4G Android, Amoled Display, Telescopic Camera 4/64GB SimCard WiFi+Lte S9-CDS9

I am looking for a face that shows the time (digital preferred or if analogic withh clear hours & minutes) and the battery percentage. Other bonuses are weather (temperature/rain).

Is it possible to add faces to such smartwatch? How? And if possible, where to find then? I have searched Google Play and found many, but none works with such smartwatch.


If this model is anything like the one I tested, this isn’t actually possible. The operating system of this watch is too limited. The only way to get around the problem is to install the Universal Launcher. However, with this watch it can access almost no sensor values. This is very unusual as UL normally works fine on all Full Android watches.
Whatever, please notice that this watch is not supported here.

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Thanks. As far as I know, the operating system of such watch is a full Android 8.1.0. What is “Universal Launcher”, and how to use it to try to change the face (dial) of the watch? Please, note that I am not a programmer and do not know about command-line interfaces. Thanks for all!

As mentioned above we dont support this watch so our support ends here.

Feel free to research universal launcher on this forum

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Goodnight! Is the Universal launcher app having a problem? Because I can no longer transfer the Watch Faces to the Smartwatch, it cannot find the IP generated by the website!

If you are trying to use the universal launcher on one of these terrible, unsupported devices - we can’t help you.
If you are using it on one of the supported types then we might be able to help.
What device are you using?


Universal launcher should not interfere with the transfer app, it’s probably another issue.

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And which watches are compatible here?

When I enter the IP generated by clockskin transfer, the Browser no longer accepts it.

Both devices needs to use the same WIFI.

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Good afternoon friend! I have the following models

X8 Ultra 4G
GS37 Ultra 4G
CDS9 Ultra 4G
HK Ultra One 4G
DW89 Ultra 4G
S8/GS29 Ultra 4G
D10S 4G

None of them work anymore! I get “THOUSANDS” of questions about this problem on my YouTube channel and I don’t know how to answer them.

All this watches are A8 wathes which are not supported here, I guess.
Am I right?

Ok, you won’t like my answer. You should say the following on your YouTube channel:
“Guys, DO NOT buy these watches! They are not worth the money”. They are not Full Android watches in the true sense. The operating systems are too neutered.
The fact that installing custom watch faces is actually not possible is just one of our criticisms. If the Chinese server that is supposed to provide watchfaces goes down (I assume this is what you are talking about) you are limited to the handful of watchfaces that are on the watch.
There is an option to work around the problem by installing Universal Launcher. But we won’t discuss that here because we don’t want to support these watches. And we will not support it here.
Please share this with your followers on YouTube: No support for these watches in our forum.
Thank you for understanding.


Where do I see the supported models on this site?
Because as far as I know the X8 Ultra is Full Android, I can do ANYTHING with it

Like install custom watchfaces (I’m talking about custom faces, not about the watchfaces from the company servers)? Or flashing the firmware? Or enter the developer options? Or connectIng it with a PC via USB?
Once again, it is not really fullandroid…
You might have a look at the categories. If a watch has an own category, it’s supported. There are a few more, often similar to supported ones.

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Yes, I can do all this, just with the X8

Great. I tell it once again, it’s not supported here. We’ll let you know if that changes.

I checked twice.I own a similar watch. For example no way to use adb.

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On yours, can you activate developer options, activate USB debugging, give permissions for notifications and accessibility and use the ADB AppControl program?

Correct, also remember that these devices have had a lot of Android system files removed and so some third party apps just don’t work correctly.
They also have a custom settings app which is forced on top of the real settings app, so they can fake the the OS level. Like the ones that pretend to be Android 10…lol.
Google gesture search is very good for checking these things but you have to search for it now that Google removed it from the play store.

We are creating a place here where we can discuss these things.
Give us a day or two.