How is gps on your watch?

My watches is lokmat 7 and 9 and this is indoors test not near a window and i have to say it is just amazing that is why im not rushing getting a new watch.


What app is that, Sonia?
My only GPS app is Google maps, and the support gps for sports tracking. And it’s really accurate, except for the start pointer wich sometimes initialize it far away from me and then shows me as part of the tracking session:

Aside of that, the Google Maps tracking is perfect or accurate as on any cellphone.


I will answer for Sonia as I use the same app on my watch (and on my phone) when I want to see the status of the gps on the device. It is called GPS Test.


That looks like “GPS test” I found it the google appstore.


It is yes. A firm favourite of mine

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