How do I get the screen to stay on when using the step counter?

I need to be able to keep the screen on when using the step counter, as it is a bit fiddly when walking on a treadmill and swiping on the watch face and getting to the step counter. Plus it stops counting while you are messing around doing that.

But I have no idea how to make the screen stay on constantly while it counts steps? Thanks

There are several things you can do . I use this app with has a always on screen function and also uses inbuilt heart rate monitor

Make sure you turn off app in battery saver and turn on heart rate monitor under sensors in watch settings .

You could also use universal launcher which has a always on display option.



Thanks for that. Apologies for a slow reply but I had a small operation and was laid up for a while, and completely forgot I had posted here as I haven’t been using my watch :slight_smile:

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