How can you use a round screen?

For thousands of years allmost all data has been written on square or rectangular surfaces. Now even the smartest of smartwatches have round screens. One of the reasons we have full android is so we can view documents like ebooks, web sites, and even spreadsheets on our watches.

Doesn’t a round screen cut off the corners? Or does it waste space on the sides? Can anyone post a few screenshots? I can’t imagine round screens being so popular if they’re as difficult to use as it seems, but I can’t imagine a round screen being a good way to display anything but the time.

I think it really depends on what you want to do, I’m guessing nobody plans to read ebooks on a 400x400x 1.6 inch display although it is possible, anyway if needed you can force an square display on the optimus 2, I do it sometimes to get a better more traditional view on some apps and games

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