How can you tell if a watchface works on stock or you need Universal Launcher?

Is there a way to tell with what launcher a watchface is compatible, other than someone saying so? I was trying to figure out if a face works on the stock launcher or if you need Universal launcher. I read that some faces will brick the watch if you open it on stock. When I was creating my own face using WFD I checked the “Universal Launcher” box at the beginning, however when I went to export it WFD checked Enhanced Clockface and warned changing the export method may lose functionality.

Well I’ve downloaded a few watchfaces and my own creations onto my watch, but now I’m hesitant to use the face because I don’t want to end up bricking my brand new watch. My watch is the Kospet Optimus 2 and I have downloaded Universal Launcher on it. How can I tell which face needs Universal Launcher and which works on stock? Also, does “enhanced stock” mean it works on the stock launcher as the name implies? And if the face is an option on UL, does that mean it will automatically work?

The short response is : no, you can’t easily say that a face is compatible with UL or a stock launcher.
Excepted if the face contains only 3 layers and hour, minutes, seconds… then it probably works everywhere.
So, you must take into account what the designer is saying about compatibility.
If you plan on installing a lot of faces, i recommend using UL because it won’t brick.
That being said, most recent stock launchers are more permissive and maybe won’t brick with unknown faces, but i never use them, so i can’t say much.


Thanks for the response. I was a little afraid that was the answer. What about the “enhanced stock” feature? Does that mean it can work on stock? Or should I just be on the safe side and try it in UL?

The good news is that these watches can’t really be hard-bricked. Flashing the firmware will always help if an incompatible face caused the problem. There is a trick that creates a kind of emergency exit: If you have previously opened the storage, it can be reached via the longpress-power off menu- last tasks. You can then delete the face that is causing the problem.
Apart from that, I also think the Universal Launcher is a good choice.

Thanks. I tried them on UL and they worked!!! Except for a few hiccups. The display resolution is supposed to be 400X400 (from everything I keep reading on the Optimus 2) but the faces all end up being smaller than the full screen. This was the case with the face I created as well as a face I downloaded that was full screen when Mr. Ticks showed it off in his video (it was actually the G1N DeWitt Academia Mathematical). I’m not exactly sure why they don’t fill the screen. I also have to go back and look at the array guide again because the touch spot mapped to “Settings” worked, but the spot I mapped to Camera did not.

Doubletap on a face to enter the face settings. You can use the slider to find the correct zoomsetting.

The G must be for Genius. Thanks so much.

I, for one, do not understand the reluctance to use the UL… It’s much the same as not getting the covid vaccine and remaining vulnerable.

I’m pretty new to the scene so I still am learning about this stuff. I didn’t know there was a reluctance to use UL. I do find a quirk that the pull down panel to check battery and pull up panel to use google sometimes are too sensitive when I’m trying to scroll through the apps drawer. Then other times I can’t pull the two panels up/down in the apps drawer at all. But I’ll take that if it means getting the custom faces I’ve made and downloaded. It’s pretty amazing what it allows us to customize.

There’s no reluctance for Universal Launcher. Some prefer UL, others prefer the stocklauncher. But the discussion of which option is the better choice will forever remain without result.:wink: