How can I get rid of black clock faces! I've installed some custom clock

How can I get rid of black clock faces! I’ve installed some custom clock faces by creating a directory called “ClockSkin” it works fine and also I can see some black clock faces as well!

If appears one “clock” in black, is because there is a folder inside one folder they have the true images of a clockskin. See all folders and remove the folder inside the folder and voilá…

Thanks I solved the problem with the help of SmartWatch Ticks.

OK @Mohammad_Shoriful_Is ​. If you can, explain the solutions for the other members can solve yours problems. But I’m happy you solve the black watch skin.

I checked if I have folders inside each clockskin folder, but nothing. I have many “black” clock skins between the very fist set of clock skins I added the first time and the following ones.
If there is a way to get rid of “black” clock skins please let me know!

Did you use mac to copy clock skins? If so look for hidden folders and delete all the hidden folders.

Generally I unzip the folders with a Mac, then I move them to a usb pendrive. I connect the pendrive to a Pc with windows 10 and move the folders from the pendrive to the D5 ClockSkin directory… I will check hidden files inside the folders of the ClockSkin directory the very first time I attach the D5 to my PC. If you have further advice please let me know. Thanks a lot.

If you are good at terminal you can check and delete all hidden folders. Usually mac creates hidden folders for it’s tracking purposes so there’s 99% of it.

Now you can run terminal and cd into the directory. Then run this command “ls -la”. It will list all folders and files including hidden stuffs. You can simply delete them as well from terminal as well using “rm -rm .*” command. I found hidden folder name starts with “.” in your case it may be different.

Another way
After copying all clock folders open it from windows pc and delete all hidden folders. That will do the trick.

If you need help just let me know. Thanks

Thank you Mohammad, I will use your second option.
Just a question: once removed hidden folders from the PC, as you said, may I transfer all “cleaned” clockskin folders again to the D5 rewriting the existing folders? I do not remember if Smartwatchticks or someone else, told that if you delete a clockskin folder from D5 and add the same folder again then the smartwatch stop working. The best way - if I remember well that comment - is to keep the folder as it is on D5 and change only what there is inside with what you modified.
So, before doing a mess I prefer checking with you. :wink:

I didn’t try that let me know what happens if you replace them. Logically it should work.

The best way it’s transfer one copy from watch to PC, make the change in the PC, and then transfer again from PC to watch.

Well, I have done as Sérgio suggested and I finally found one hidden folder inside a folder of a skin. I deleted it. Then I deleted all contents inside the same folder on D5 and replaced them with the contents modified on PC (i.e. without hidden folder).
I checked again the directory on my D5 and now it is without the hidden folder. Nevertheless, I still have black clock faces.
I verified again any single skin folder and there are no other hidden file left. Any suggestion?

Yes, first choose an original skin, apply on the watch like the master skin, and remove all skins “made” for the PC, so the clock will never give problems to find a skin that is not original. Once you have all the other skins on the PC, check one by one and then, make sure that all is well, then copy to the clock. At the end of the copy to the watch (PC to watch), restart and should no longer appear black clock.

Thank you. I will try this way!