How about getting a retro animated Space Invaders watch skin? "Invaders"...

How about getting a retro animated Space Invaders watch skin?

“Invaders”… an original design by me, Andrew Davis… if you would like a download of this watchskin then please send £0.90/$1/€1 to:

Don’t forget to put “Invaders” as a reference/subject… :slight_smile:

man this is so cool great animation

I love his face too. Can’t help smile when the screen turns on.

Oh my, you and I think alike… I had a similar idea but I couldn’t figure out how to make a face out of it… Brilliant as ever.

@Dave_Gallop I wanted a face that used the pause between frames to an advantage; the falling blossom watch was a bit jerky, this is better…

that is superb, make it smaller icons and il let u have my wife and kids,no honestly take em, TAKE EM ha