Homage to one of the most iconic Rolex watch:

Homage to one of the most iconic Rolex watch: the Rolex GMT-Master “Pepsi”

In 1954, Pan American World Airways makes its first transatlantic flight and launches the jet age.
That same year, Pan-Am asked the company Rolex to design a timepiece that could display a second time zone.
Rolex released its new GMT-Master, a watch that could simultaneously track two time zones, an important function for long-haul pilots. The innovative solution: a fourth hand that goes around the whole face during the course of 24 hours and shows the second time zone on a rotating bezel, which is blue on the upper part and red on the lower part, the so called “Pepsi” bezel.
The blue and red of the GMT-Master’s bezel are for more than a dash of color. They provide a quick, intuitive read of day versus night, with the 18 to 6 (6pm to 6am) region shaded blue and the daylight hours of 6 to 18 shaded red.

The clockskin, created from the scratch using pictures from the web, is in 2 versions, with and without the “Pepsi” bezel. It uses 24hr time and date.




+Ricardo Romero for ClockSkinMaker



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Very beautiful!

Wow! very nice work. Would you consider making the 3 Cartier skins listed on the “face request” page? I’m sure the Cartier-s would look great judging from the quality of these Rolex-es.

Usually I prefer to work on watches that give me some emotion …
However, to feel some emotion, I will reply to the bounty offer you made on XDA :wink:

These are great…
Do you have scans or artwork for the face to work from or are you creating these, literally ‘from scratch’?

I start from pictures of the real watch then I create the watch parts with Gimp

How are the Cartier skins coming along? I’ve not been able to sleep because I’m up all night anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a feature in the watchface xml file that works with the prior and present timezone allowing the outer ring change with the timezone?? I have not had my watch long enough to dive into watch face development yet. But I heard auto-timezone is flaky at best.