Homage to https://www.invictawatch.com/search .Watch Designer Cyrille LE RAY Converted to .apk for KW88 Michael

Homage to https://www.invictawatch.com/search

.Watch Designer @Cyrille_LE_RAY

Converted to .apk for KW88 Michael Hodges


missing/deleted image from Google+

@Michael_Hodges ​ This is my file you used? If so, I also made a red version. :wink:

@Cyrille_LE_RAY cool if anyone wants this in red let me know I can covert that color to .apk as well.

Hi Michael. How will I load this to my KW88? Thanks in advance for the kind assistance.

@Enrique_G_Llagas ​ it’s a apk file. So add the file to the download folder on your watch…then install

Thanks a lot Michael. Great help!

Hi Michael. For some reasons the app does not show in app list. Kindly help again. Thank you.

@Enrique_G_Llagas when you install a new watchface it will not show up in your app list. If it installed correctly just change the watchface and you should see the new one you installed as an option.

Got it Michael. Will try. Thanks a lot.

Do you know guys how to install WF on KW88 with zip files? TiA

@CS_10 ​ can’t be done…sorry.

@Michael_Hodges ​ how sad! Thanks man! Hoping you make more WF with apk files.