Hollow Man https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BysDzZ6Uvo9nV2h5OXFRMldQNGc So I like to put a bit of myself into every

Hollow Man
So I like to put a bit of myself into every design, in this case literally. The background is a picture of my own wrist. I spent a full 10 seconds in makeup, I combed the hair but it wouldn’t stay. I don’t know why I was so nervous about the photo shoot. Sorry about the hair, but I have a female one coming (wife’s wrist).
This clock skin is inspired by the “Minimal Analog Watch Design” from Toyko Flash, link here: https://blog.tokyoflash.com/2011/02/01/minimal-analog-watch-design/
There’s some new concepts here.
The digital numbers next to the analogue hands, similar to what +Andrew Davis is doing on his latest project, but not exactly the same. The original Tokyo flash doesn’t have numbers, but I wanted to add them because it’s shows that our watch is capable of more than the original mechanical version.
The hands are rendered in proper 3D. Each hand is not simply one 3D looking picture, because the shadow side would be upside down on the up-swing. Each hand is made up of a light blue top panel, then 8 dark blue panels layered below, each at 1 pixel offset from the next. They all rotate together and give a realistic 3D effect.

People could take a picture of their own wrists. If you remove the digital hours then you only need to update “panel.png”. It’s difficult to get brightness level right. I’ve dimmed it a bit so it looks OK for inside lighting, it looks weird if the watch is brighter than the skin but if it’s darker then it just looks like the glass has a smoky tint.

WOW that is so cool! amazing:)

What a brilliant set of ideas… they work really well !
I’ve used two off-set layers for the hands but having several and a shadow is pure magic…

Shouldn’t we be giving out a prize for this?

OMG! All this with the basic stripped clock engine? I think you could land us on Mars @Andrew_Somers ! Best of all, my arm looks almost exactly like yours! I can demo this on my arm and possibly get away with the illusion! That will be fun :slight_smile:

If you’re going on a space mission… make it more like the film “The Martian”… rather than “Approaching the Unknown”… (I won’t spoil the plot) :slight_smile:

@SmartWatch_Ticks Double the trick… have a second watch pre-loaded but with a different background (like your table top or a page of notes)… edit the bit where you take the watch of your arm, hold it over the table/notes and… hey presto… confuse the World… :slight_smile:

Really cool stuff… Great work but what about brown or dark people dude…? Requesting you to do something for us as well…

Of course I haven’t forgotten about other skin tones and I thought about doing a selection. The illusion works best if it’s tailored to your actual wrist. It took me several goes to adjust the brightness and saturation, compromising on various external lighting and that was when I could see the results directly on myself.
I first looked on the Net for pictures of wrists, but couldn’t find many at a good resolution. There are many pictures of wrists with watches already on them, getting in the way, so I just used myself.
I offered a suggestion in the initial post on how people could make one with their own wrist.
However, send me a picture of your wrist (as close up as you can) and I’ll see what I can do.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Do you think that those little heart rate sensors on the back of the watch act as tiny cameras ? :wink:

They do, but it’s only 1 pixel resolution (and only one colour too)

Please send a test mail to my following email address I will send you few sample pictures of my wrist or if you want them through any other medium just let me know…


OK, e-mail sent

Andrew, you are fantastic! It’s very cool. I modified it for my wrist with the seconds.

Andrew the design is great. Could i send you a picture of my wrist too.? My email is dwain112@gmail.com

Great, I like it, it just looks like my arm.
I think I might make one with a bug or spider in it for seconds

LOL! Awesome idea and realisation!!

Bro didn’t get your mail…

@Faisal_Ahmed I’ve just resent the e-mail, confirming your address as faisal.bdlaw@yahoo.com
I just did one for @Dwain_Watson

@Andrew_Somers ​ bro I’ve got your mail and sent the sample… Tnx