Hollow Man Customisation tutorial After SmartWatch Ticks  June Video,

Hollow Man Customisation tutorial
After @SmartWatch_Ticks June Video, there seems to be some renewed interest in my Hollow Man clockskin https://plus.google.com/u/0/100098137322903155173/posts/5eX3kDZyFrZ. So here’s a quick tutorial.
You need to update 4 files with skin in them
Panel.png (the background) and 00/10/20s_mask.png (the digital hour masks)
Here are the steps

  1. take a picture of your wrist (scale to 400x400) and replace panel.png with it. You generally need to darken the image from the camera
  2. load panel.png and 00s_mask.png files into Gimp, PS, etc.
  3. switch to the 00s_mask layer and select the background, then invert the selection (as shown in the picture)
  4. switch to the panel layer and copy the selection
  5. switch to 00s_mask and paste
  6. disable the panel view to show only the 00s_mask
  7. save over 00s_mask.png
  8. repeat for 10s_mask and 20s_mask

Hey Andrew! Thanks for this. Believe it or not, I’ve been so swamped with watch reviews and YouTube logistics that I haven’t looked at skins for practically all of July! I’m trying to get caught up now and build enough of a sharable file to do a July watch face roundup. Just now seeing this. Thanks for posting it!

No worries. I noticed you’ve been quiet, but I can see you’ve been having fun with all the new watches. I gather that you’re getting sent watches by these companies now for review. Your place must be full of boxes and packing foam, lucky they’re only small boxes. Looking forward to the July muster.

@SmartWatch_Ticks is a very good fellow and he deserves that anyway. He is really good and techy and helpful. I hope you continue making awesome videos.! Kudos!
@Andrew_Somers you are good too :innocent::wink::wink: