Highest specs for a watch with Bluetooth calling

Hi all,
I know that bluetooth calling isn’t available on android 7 and up until now.
I am kindly asking of the highest performance watch that i could buy that has bluetooth calling and is waterproof? I mean in terms of ram and storage, maybe ruggedness…
Thank you

There is no IP68 full android watch that supports Bluetooth calling.


What about the Kospet brave?!

IP 68, but no Bluetooth calling.

Edit: Android 6, Bluetooth calling might be possible.

Yes, so what is the newest, highest specs smartwatch with ip out there?!

There isnt really as all android 5.1 watches are regarded as old now . Personally i wouldnt bother and would buy one of the new amazing watches . However there are many android 5.1 watches to look at . Zeblaze thor pro ?

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I would assume that these watches are NOT waterproof - even if they are IP68 certified. In the event of damage, it is often difficult to get the device replaced. I believe that the Kospet Brave comes closest to your ideas. It’s probably the newest device that doesn’t run on Android 7. However, Android 6 did not run very well on the watch, I recommend that you watch a few more videos.


I suggest the kw99.
Haven’t IP68 but amoled screen

0.5/8GB. Are you kidding?


Existe in 2GB/16g

Maybe. But he needs IP68.


I’ll just say this…
The Android 6 implementation of BT tethered calling is terrible. Extremely difficult to use and constantly disconnecting.

The best available option is probably the Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G watch with the 1.53" screen. 1gb ram and 16gb storage and BT calling working well.

Having said all the above - BT tethered calling is a complete gimmick and a waste of time in my opinion.
Why bother carrying a phone if you are going to answer calls through your watch?



Thank you for your effort and reply,
The specifications and specs are not bad at all. In fact they are enticing. And you have just picked everything right for me. The look, the color, the size, the specs.
However, i came across this smartwatch but decided to look elsewhere bcs it is very important to me that the watch is IP certified since i am a gym goer and i sweat just a little bit too much. so i wouldn’t trust a watch to swim with, but also i need it not to fall apart just because i sweat.
And to quickly reply to you regarding carrying a phone, i cannot do without a fully functioning phone most of the time. And during training hrs, which are almost 3 hrs a day, the watch will be a very good aid.
So to sum up i really thank you for your effort and would like to ask you to recommend a watch like this one just with IP certification. Because i have searched with detail but was not successful.
Many thanks

May you please provide a link?

These watches are actually all IP67. Some manufacturers are so daring to call it IP68. But this does not make these watches more water resistant. In my opinion.


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So you are saying that this Zeblaze THOR pro 3g is IP67?

im not sure, but this might be fake, the original KW99 only has 0.5gh or ram. And Kospet does not have a KW99 samrtwatch!!!

Kospet and kingwear have a close alliance . Thanks