Hi you guys! Im seriously considering buying this smartwatch...any comments or suggestions before buying

Hi you guys! Im seriously considering buying this smartwatch…any comments or suggestions before buying it ?

@Arturo_Acosta ​ With so many choices to choose from nowadays it all boils down to user preference, almost all their specs are the same, what made me choose the KW88 from the other watches was the form factor, large Amoled screen, and it kinda looks like the tag heuer connected which I really like. Hope that helps.

It looks very nice but do we have hands on review from anyone. Also whats the cheapest place to buy it .

@Namit_Sethi ​ A full review will be posted next week by Smartwatch Ticks. Lowest price I have seen for the KW88 so far is at aliexpress at 119usd.

Thanks @Miguel_Tan , Do we know that if this watch works and gets you notifications , texts , calls without a SIM card inserted from your phone ?

@Namit_Sethi yes we know, bt notifications works well without simcard : sms, mail, calls,calendar and all what you want.

I’m from Paraguay, South America, we got 2G and 3G service…will I have any problems with connectivity?

Thanks guys. Just curious , Whats the diff between KW18 and KW88 ? And is it worth extra 100 $ ?

And Yes , How is battery life on KW88 ?

@Namit_Sethi battery life is for me the big problem for now. Hope there will be better result with next update. Today : (bluetooth only, step count off) full charge 10am 15% at 4h30 pm. don’t expect use it a full day

@Arturo_Acosta depend the 3g band of operator.

Hi, Just recently noticed, I had tried to maintain battery life longer by : 1. Restrict background data in the connect settings. Go with the air plane mode, choose bluetooth tethering, instead of wifi. By using bluetooth only you can still have both data and notification. I managed to get 8 hours on medium usage. Dont forget to not autoupdate apps in playstore. Please change the settings. Update over wifi only.

Oh, sorry I forgot to tell, those comments were for KW88, I had purchased it. Everythings worked, except bugs on gps, difficult to lock, and my Xiaomi mi3 often disconnect the pairing. And don’t forget, the current KW88 is relatively New device and had a lot of bugs. But still, the hardware of the watch itself is quite a bargain.

Maybe just wait till bugs are ironed out @Arturo_Acosta ​ .

I also would like to buy this watch, but the battery life seems to be a very big problem.

if battery issue are there , what other smartwatch options we got that has decent battery life ?? Kw18 , x5 ??

There is so much going on in the market right now that I agree with the advice posted earlier - wait a little while.
The I2 and KW88 are both good watches but have early product issues.
I also understand that some new X series watches may appear next month so waiting is a good idea.

I’m waiting for the ticwatch , hope it’s as good as it appears.

thank u guys

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Will these early product issues be corrected with an OTA software update or is it a hardware issue? Because if it has a lot of hardware issues then I might as well cancel my order of the KW88. Thanks!