Hi. This is my first watch skin post.


This is my first watch skin post.


The following two watch skin elements were obtained from:

  • Mechanical watch balance wheel graphics from Blizzard_EN by 088x880
  • Hands from AVTR-77 by Deerboy77

Background gears inspired by Swiss Watch Manufacturer Armin Strom

Well done Julian - thanks :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 my d5 is stuck on grey screen after I pressed down on minus symbol when changing watch faces can anyone help?

Can you get back to the launcher or totally stuck? If you are completely stuck, flashing the watch is the only answer…You could try disconnecting the battery cable but the launcher is probably holding a corrupt cache…

I can switch off watch and back on for the no1 logo then it goes to grey screen also I can get where the on/off and volume on/off area but no where else