Hi, this is "Midnight" my everyday watch ...

Hi, this is “Midnight” my everyday watch … enjoy and download it at :

Original design by David Teboul.

Very classy! You are very talented.Any plans to make a digital or a hybrid watch one day?

@Ilan_Shahaf thanks.

@Franky_Lanckacker digitals are coming soon …

Best news of the day :slight_smile:

@Gabriele_Gabrielli ​ pls turn this to an apk file for our KW88 thankyou

looks very elegant.

beautiful !!

I am new in smartwatches. Can i use this face in a No.1 d5+ ??. can somebody tell me where find a tutorial for put new faces in the d5+ ?? Thanks!!

it’s very easy. get into file manager and open a new folder called ClockSkin. put the downloaded folder inside the ClockSkin folder and that’s it, you can choose this Watch face the same way you choose the stock watch faces.

If there is a volunteer to turn my watches to kw88, feel free to do it …