Hi there! I have a question to our mods.

Hi there! I have a question to our mods. I have optimized some of my faces for my new h2 can i provide them in a zip pack? of course with credits for all of them? Greets!

Hi @Jurgen_Oberst
As per our rules https://plus.google.com/u/0/112956058667570598758/posts/RdY98jCaHaZ
You can post a zip pack only if the work contains no brand names and are unique designs by you only.
This is because they get taken and re-distributed by some people and end up all over the place with no respect to you or the Brands.
My suggestion would be to set up a thread on the support forum under H2 and place your collection there as individual files. You can link it here and explain what it’s all about so members know where to go.
I would use all your existing ones and when you publish new material here - also add it to your collection there.