Hi there! Here a requested face from Frederico Filipe Rosado left one is my

Hi there! Here a requested face from @Frederico_Filipe_Ros left one is my version, right one is the original one. Works on my h2 without tuning so it should also work on xseries both with stock launcher. Frederico since i dont know your watch just tell me if everything is working fine for you if not i will finetune for you. 6 oclock dial is as on original watch shows hours 9 oclock same as original and shows secs, 12 oclock shows power 30=100% power, between 20 and 25 =75% , 15=50%, between 10 and 5 =25%,…
Versions with bezel and other colors will follow but not today its allready 4:00 in the morning :slight_smile: As usual have fun and enjoy this beauty! Good night or morning!
Credits: http://www.fortis-watches.com/
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_hv1HAEnIPNrGU-jm-UxejQ3tpgT63sX/view?usp=sharing


I am very happy

Wow nice one. Any chance to get this for Tizen?

@Sebastian_Miebach no. Nothing here will work for tizen. Wrong community- or wrong watch…

Thank you very much.

Thanks Jürgen, it worked :slight_smile:

@Bruno_Braakhuis u are welcome!

WOW… my God !! Very nice job, Jürgen Oberst.
Amazing work.
Thank you, very much.
It works fine, on my KW88.
Once again, many thanks, Jürgen.
Enjoy the weekend.

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@Frederico_Filipe_Ros Hi glad you like it and everything is working well with your watch. Thanks for the kind words it’s always a reward. Have a nice weekend too. Greets!

Jippiii, thank’s

Wauw! Thats amazing, thanks :slight_smile:

Nice, it’s very similar to the Breitling Super Avenger 2 I made some time ago.

Hi Jurgen, it is possible for KW88 to?

@Peter_Tungli should work well just try it and tell if something is wrong. Works on my h2 wich has the same or similar engine. Grüße!

@Jurgen_Oberst ok…btw, the img-clock-preview is needed to add or not. I did, because lot of skins are workin only like this.
thank you

@Peter_Tungli just extract the zip file as it is to your clockskin folder and thats it. Sory dont understand what you mean with " the img clock preview is needed to add or not" if you speak german polish or french post your question on my profile in one of these languages. Greets!

OK, no problem, I understand now. Thanky you

Hello Jürgen!
Beautiful job! I would like to ask you, if its possible to make the same watch like in the picture?
Thank you in advance, and a happy new year!

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Jako_Andras hi easy to do but I have no working watch to test it on. Unfortunately :frowning: mine fell apart heheh I will try to fix the watch and if it works I would make it. Greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst have a look at this tool: