Hi there! Here a requested Breitling watch

Hi there! Here a requested Breitling watch. Cant remember who requested but here i is. Small dial shows power going down counterclockwise. Small at 9 oclock seconds and at 6 oclock hours. Should work on both series with stock launcher. The right one on the picture is my work. Have fun enjoy :wink: Greets
Credits: https://www.breitling.com/at-de/watches/chronomat/
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16NYcWiQrzAxEF4k5j_XK6_vzG0XcvSy8/view?usp=sharing


Flippin’ Awesome Sauce. I like the color and the detail is incredible!
Thank you ! :smiley:

Welcome back Jürgen! Very good job!

How do you install it? I download , asks for unzip I accept with Watchmaker or zip extractor and then nothing happend

@Florin_Popovici what watch do you own? Our watchfaces here don’t work with android wear. Sorry for you :frowning: greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst well it says “Round Android …” so that’s a bummer

@Florin_Popovici unfortunately u are not the first who got tricked by the community name I guess u surfed with your smartphone where it doesn’t show the full name. Greets

Yes, Google needs to fix its G+ app

Cheers and have a nice Sunday Jurgen

@Florin_Popovici ty you too greets

I can’t install on my lemfo lem7, do you know why?

@alessio_bonito do you extract the zip file into your clockskin folder? Do u use stocklauncher? Greets

What’s stock launcher? I’m new in the community, sorry :joy:

@alessio_bonito there is a video on youtube how to install watchfaces into the clockskin folder look for that.

Thanks for the watchface. Great stuff.

Found a solution, thank you so much

thanks for sharing

@Andy_Wong U are welcome!

Beautiful face! love the blue

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