Hi, my new Suunto inspired whatch face, in two flavors :-)

Hi, i’ve done one new whatch face, inspired by suunto watches.
Two version, the “green” color for best reading!

thanks and credits to:http://www…suunto.com



Grey Version

Lime Version


Sorry, image here:


@ste_anonimo awesome design. Only thing missing is credits. Need to credit the original designer/company. Website required, unless none is available. Just Google Suunto and look for their website. Just put their website in the original post as"Credit to: http://www.website.com". It’s about respect. Technically watchfaces like this fall into a legal grey area. By giving them credit, the companies are less likely to call copyright infringement. Plus it gets them some free advertising. There are a few that’ll still be dinks and flag your face for infringement, but most will leave you (and us) alone as long as credit is given where it’s due. Plus², the mods will also yell at you if you don’t and could take down your post.


@Nicholas_Herczeg is absolut right. Very nice one, but it’s important to add a credit link.
In this case:https://www.suunto.com/
Please edit your post. Thx.

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