Hi .. My name is Harish ...

Hi … My name is Harish … Wanted to buy KW88 but am bit confused whether to choose KW88 or FINOW X5… Guys please advise to which one I should go ?

Ohh come on …
That’s a difficult question that really only you can answer. They are a completely different watch with different qualities.
My advise to everyone at the moment who is thinking of buying a new watch is - WAIT !!
New stuff is just on the horizon. Give it a few weeks and you will be amazed by the difference to what is availanle right now…

Thanks Pablo for your reply :slight_smile:

X5 has a very poor battery life, one fully charged watch will not last for one day …

Just finished posting this comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlnDbJSwgJM
It shows the X5 up against three of the newer round Android 5.1 watches.

@Guy_Van_Elsen Hi, I tought the same. But after root and installed Greenify and wakelock -> no more problems ! I can have 2 days min when only watching hour and one day when using the watch regurlary.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 - Pablo , would be curious to know which watches n what features are we going to see in few weeks time .

Probably very similar features but bigger ram and storage

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 - Any specific models or makes to watch out for

Not yet - when I have any more info I’ll let everyone know

my new kw88 battery last for 3-4 hours max

Dear Harish i hv finow x5. Its nice n big display watchphone. Amoled screen gud performance. But kw88 has nice dial around screen. Rest is same on both.

One more thing finow x5 has 3g sim connection. But kw88 i do not know abt that. Finow x5 3g sim also works in india

Hello everyone
I have the same question, and seeing Paul’s response has’ll wait a few weeks.
will be attentive to channel

Can U help me Giuseppe Sodano to root my finow x5 to install greenify

Yes. I’ve used kingoroot directly from the x5 (but it’s not recommanded by everyone). According to me there is no probs at all :).

May u share kingroot download link n procedure plz

For Greenify and wakelock I used the paid version to have the best results :wink:

Alright so First i need to install kingroot on my x5 then paid version of greenify and walelock

Why are you doing this?
If you use this root method you will never be able to take any more OTA s and it will inject rubbish battery draining services into your system.
Custom recovery is coming soon with full - clean root.
Are you really this desperate?