Hi. My K9 is finally arrived.

Hi. My K9 is finally arrived. I’m so affraid to mess up (and I know I’ll do that sooner or later, becouse I wanna try everything possible!) I’d prefer to make a full backup first of all.
If I install TWRP using “Rooting the PROPER WAY” post, then can I do a full backup from TWRP? Will that include imei (nvram) in case I lost IMEI?

I found also this video “[Hovatek] How To Make A ROM Backup Or Dump Of An MTK Phone Using Sp Flash Tool Read Back” but the English pronunciation is not so good and I don’t understand all (I’m Italian) and I have fear to lose important information. For example I don’t be sure if you only have to install “MediaTek USB VCOM drivers” or other driver too.

Is there a written guide or a better video for backup everything (IMEI included)?

Please help me backup first to be sure I can play with this little toy without fear!!!


Ciao sono italiano anche io :wink:
After taking a full backup with TWRP, I suggest you to take an IMEI backup with MTK Droid tool, instructions here:

Ciao Ciro!
I read that!
Can I start from step 2 having original firmaware?
or should I root first following “Rooting the PROPER WAY” post?

I don’t undestand if root is necessary (it indicates root in step 1),
but if I root first it would not be “orignal firmware” anymore


Sure, you can start from step 2. Have a look at my latest post with the new TWRP for K9 :wink:

and driver? is only necessary “MediaTek USB VCOM drivers” ? or I have to installa other drivers too? Thx

For using MTK Droid tool proper ADB drivers are required.

where can I find it and a guide to install it properly?
I have android studio already installed. I think adb is already install. How can I verify it?
thx for ultrarapid answer

Connect the watch to the PC, it must be ON, and enable the USB debug in Developer options, then open MTK Droid and check if it recognize the connected watch.

I think root is needed. I see information of my watch on MTK Droid Root & Tolls 2.5.3, but when I click on Root like said on step 4, it says: "ERRORE file non trovato c:…
ERRORE SU non accessibile …
you think I need to root, first?

Now I tryed to root but the download of twrp recovery don’t start when I turn off the watch.

Well. I tryed with another PC with Win8. Disabled firm driver. Installed TWRP and SuperUser successfully. Now I will try to backup IMEI again

IMEI backup done! It requires root. When you click on root botton in MTK tool, it appears a popup windows on the watch and you have to grant root.
after that you can backup imei/nvram

@EasyLearn_How for future reference you backup your stock rom with SP Tools first and then root and use MTK tool to back up your nvram (IMEI).
Just so you know - the very best firmware for the watch is the stock K9 firmware dated January 2016 - or Loki’s custom rom as he uses this firmware for the base. It has the most stable cellular base band and gsm connectivity.
PS - glad to hear you received it at last :slight_smile: