Hi mates and merry Xmas to all of you,

Hi mates and merry Xmas to all of you,
This is my very first watchface work, so please don’t offend me too much LOL, but I accept critics and suggestions though … :smiley:
I know that I should improve my skills to do more serious and complete stuff, but I wanted to start in a Star Wars themed minimalist (only analog watch) watchface, at the moment. My next step, will be to add somewhere a battery indicator, date and day of the week. No more things, because I think that the panel should be too full (but I accept suggestions). Do you like hour hand this way, or you think it should be just a bit shorter?

I created panel, artworks, hands and relative shadows with Gimp in Linux, I started from a clock_skin.xml of another skin and modify accordingly for mine. Then I tested everything with ClockSkinMaker in preview mode, before uploading on my LES1 and preparing package to share.
On LES1 it just works fine, so I think it will do in KW88, LEM3 and compatible model…

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vsaHnwbXZ9roRK5AgPEwLN2oS9u5G90d

Credits: http://lucasfilm.com/star-wars


Nice! May the clockskin be with you! :wink:

Hey its your work do it as you want its your creative freedom u cant please everyone u know because different tastes. design as it was a face made for u and as u like it yourself as its is finished. People will tell you sometimes if u may change something in the design. Have fun on your creative journey and welcome to the club :slight_smile:

@Gabriele_Gabolander Hi and welcome. Please edit to your post, and give a link /credit to start wars brand owner, disney or lucasfilm. Read our rules about.

@tim_Collins you got competition mate :slight_smile:

@zsolt_m I added credits, sorry for the lack, my fault. Thanks for your advice.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yeah, @tim_Collins is really great to create Star Wars skins… I don’t think I can compete with him, right now. At least, not yet, LOL :wink: :smiley:

I’m a StarWars fan too and I made a watchface as well. Take a look at it if haven’t seen already. An X-Wing chasing a Tie-Fighter, or vice versa, depending on the point of view XD