Hi... I've never tried this sort of upload/posting before,

Hi… I’ve never tried this sort of upload/posting before, so I hope that it works… nothing fancy here - just a reworking of a Z3 watch face with a Z1 second hand…


Looks like you’ve uploaded each of the watch pieces separately rather than compressing and uploading a folder containing the files. Can you try again? Would like to check out your design. Thanks.

Hi, I’m very new to this but I’ll try :slight_smile:
PS… it was your videos and clips that got me started…

Thanks! This is what I was hoping would happen. Welcome aboard the watch train…

I used the application by @rromeroa in the XDA forum…
"Hi, I have done a windows application for generating the clockskins, I hope enjoy it and a proper use
of the software. "

I used some numbers from other preloaded skins but decided to remake them… I got them lined up and perfect but sometimes they change resolution and size ???

Nice clean watch face !
Thanks :+1:

I’ve made a new posting and (I believe) have reloaded the zipped files correctly…

It looks like you need to put all these into a folder called “your watchface _99” (for example) and then zip it up and then share it.
Unfortunately your files are still all separated and would have to be saved into a named folder.

Hi Pablo, I reposted my results in a different thread… thank you for the tip :slight_smile: