Hi, I've a question,

Hi, I’ve a question, Can we use watches face of one Android wear in other one ? Like I want to use Huawei faces in KW88 ? Can we do that ?

Nope :slight_smile: however there are a lot of huawei watchfaces here… Just scroll down on the community… :joy: I’m using one of them but the basic one and its awesome :slight_smile:

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@Sasa_Petrovic ​ hello but how do I install watch faces on my Finow x3?

Do you’ve this one @Sasa_Petrovic https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7OOwVKKhRkxQXJKUV9pRE53RXc

@Domenico_Frasca ​ i dont have Finow X3 but try Eric’s app from the forum. @Atif_Shah ​ i dont have that one,but its to simple anyway… :slight_smile: I like more complicated ones like Tag Hauer and Fossil :joy::joy:

I don’t know eric’s app… :slightly_frowning_face:

@Domenico_Frasca maybe a quick look for posts by @Eric_Crochemore or look in the round apps section