Hi! Its my first time writing here,

Hi! Its my first time writing here, and my first time buying a Android Smartwatch.

Could somebody help me at choosing a watch.
Right now i am loking at Finow x3 and plus, x5, k9 and d5.

Which one is overall bether, i stil dont konw how to flash and such, so im looking for a watch that has the less problems from the start on and has the possibility for custom faces.

(sory for bad english :slight_smile: )

Personally I would wait for the Finow X5+
Good hardware, Android 5.1, easy custom ClockSkins

Definitely wait !!!

so any date?! and is there a version of x5 with silicon or plastic band?

we don’t have any dates. All we can say is that when a new watch comes out it is best to wait a while.

Nah i decided i will buy it now… and the price for K9 at gearbest is quite low at 90€… Is it possible to instal new watchfaces on this model… or should i go for the D5 or Blitz?

K9 - this is the older model with dual core cpu