Hi, i'm new in the chinese smartwatch world.

Hi, i’m new in the chinese smartwatch world. I saw some videos before, and yesterday i bought from gearbest the finow x3 plus smartwatch. For 110$ (104€) i think it’s the best smartwatch i could ever buy. So, if i want to change firmware, or install a custom rom, where can i download the zip files ? There is no official source, the brand doesn’t have a website … where do i found the right links ? Does someone have the x3 plus ? Thank you :slight_smile:

X3+ is too new, so no custom ROM is yet available.
But you can find my TWRP on the Round Android Smartwatches, here: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/85/twrp-3-2-x3-w612
Also, there is plenty of custom watchfaces on this community in the “W806/812/815 Custom Faces” section.

Ok thank you, the right software for flashing is sp flash tool right ?

Italiano ? :smiley:

Why not Kw88 that have camera and is cheaper?
I want to buy one too… :slight_smile:

Sì, sono italiano.
@Antonio_Praca ​ maybe for watchfaces?

@Ciro_Danise yes… One more argument to Kw88. Can add watchfaces.

Sorry @Ciro_Danise . It is possible add custom faces to x3 plus?? Are android 5.1…

Ok wait, i choose the x3p because it was on sale on gearbest, i liked a lot the design (i LOVE the gear s2 design), then i bought it for the 8 gb storage and 1gb of ram. For just 100 euros it’s the best i think. Then i saw the kw88, i like it too, but I can’t do nothing now. shame for the Camera, but I can’t refuse 8/1 gb.

quindi le watchfaces non si aggiungono con semplici apk ? ok buono a sapersi, mi divertirò a moddare anche lo smartwatch :smiley:
spero che l’x3p non faccia schifo … a quanto pare il kw88 ha solo la Camera in più

Battery life just sucks

already received x3?

yup, italy express shipment (i’m italian of course), just one week. 2€

Super Fast! No custom taxes?