Hi, I remade a Pulsar skin from here: http://www.watchawear.com/watches/watch-faces/download/2-watch-faces/4796-pulsar-dual-moded.html by Christophe Madelaine based on:

Hi, I remade a Pulsar skin from here:

by @Christophe_Madelaine

based on:

I added weather and step counter. No need for Eric’s launcher. BTW: Does anybody know how to change seconds to go by actual seconds (not the smooth move)?


and the blueone

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Tic-tac movement by @Andrew_Somers


@droidgame_maniac sorry I have to ask this as I know you have probably meant to but - I don’t see any credit to krystofetbob in your original post above.
I know it’s a free watch face, but courtesy is what keeps us from stooping to the level of others that just use other designer’s work without respect…
It happens to our members all the time so we don’t want to be like that.

Thanks @zsolt_m . But this technique does have limitations. The second hand has to be at the back, so the digital time would have to be over the top of it.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yes, he knows and agrees :slight_smile:

Excellent - thanks :slight_smile:
And a very nice job too :slight_smile:

nice thanks

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 i am krystofetbob and @droidgame_maniac ​ kindly asked in private message before publishing this nice adaptation.
Thanks for mentions guys. This is top 🖒

@Christophe_Madelaine Hi - yes he has done a good job - faithful to the original. Thanks for posting here - we appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

Hi. Nice job. I have a problem concerning the weather.
It indicates another temperature and cloud than the meteo application. Is there any configuration to do?

@Laurent_GERMAIN you would need to use a custom launcher on your watch. Which watch do you have ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yes i use clockskincoco2.1.4

@Laurent_GERMAIN ok - cool.
If you visit @Eric_Crochemore s thread on the tech support forum - there are some notes regarding temp unit of measurement changes on his first page and the rest of the support thread.


These are +1

@Octavio_Beltran ask in the thread I linked above

@Christophe_Madelaine sorry but posts about .watch faces are being removed due to all the confusion in the community. Even re-naming the community has not helped so we will be removing all wear or Gear related posts from now on. The only time .watch files will be mentioned here is if a collaboration has occurred between 2 designers using the different formats.

to all my fans - I was BANNED from this community! Without any given reason, without any notification! Very disappointed - I can no longer comment or give download links under my original name and I had to create a new google account to even give you this info! So admin, If you are reading this, please delete all my posts as “droidgame maniac”. If I really violated some rules (I am not aware of that) then perhaps it has something to do with my posts here!