Hi! I just got KW88.

Hi! I just got KW88. Could someone give me an advice how to use the mobile data. I put sim card in the watch, but couldn’t use the data to connect internet. Using wifi is fine, but not the data from sim card.
I tried to set enabled cellular network in the connect menu, but it doesn’t work. Can anyone advice me how to fix/set it.
Thank you very much in advance and looking for the instruction.

at settings manu go to connections and than go to cellular networks. check the apn. what’s written there?

missing/deleted image from Google+

Access point name setting are not available for this user.

Please advice

try using sim card of different carriers and see if something change

you can also try using mobizen. maybe it will uncover an option to add apn

What service provider is your sim card from?

I’m using ais (thailand provider)

Can you ask the service provider to send you a text message with the APN ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 i will try, then will inform the result.

They can’t do that.

Unfortunately it sounds like you are not going to be able to use this sim card in the watch. If you had root access you could try to manually add the APN to the .xml file but this is already there:

<apn carrier=“AIS MMS”

Which says to me that your sim does not work on the bands that this watch has to offer.

I had the same problem. Just install MyPhoneExplorer Client on the phone and install on your PC (Windows) http://www.fjsoft.at/en/home.php.
Then connect the phone via usb to the PC and install MMC driver.
Once you get connection with PC start program, and then activate menu options phone mirroring. Before you need to activate debugging mode on the watch.
Go to the APN settings and hit the button down left (on mirror screen) menu.
Then choose options Add APN and insert data of the post before and save.
No need to rooting…

@Zvonimir_Dekovic thank you very much. I will try.

hey that is fantastic :slight_smile:
Would you mind if I made a " how to" post with this information ? It will help many people - or you can make one yourself in the FAQ and Guides section ?

No problem, you can do it…

sorry - I meant to ask you:
Does this method give to access to the APN config file or just the add APN screen in watch settings?

Sorry, yes you have access to all config on the watch

@Zvonimir_Dekovic When I use screen control on the X3+ via USB or WiFi the system UI crashes on the watch every time. The other thing is that there is no “add APN” on these watches so I’m not sure how it would add the APN information. Are you thinking you can edit the file in the explorer function?
I must say though - this is and could be a fantastic app :slight_smile: