Hi ! I have bought D5 watch, and i must admit, i regret it.

Hi !

I have bought D5 watch, and i must admit, i regret it.

My problems are:

  1. Can’t make bluetooth calls ( just notification which is useless )
  2. 3G/Wifi connections are too much unstable. when i go out of range of my home wifi, it never reconnect to 3G, unless i reboot watch.
  3. Tilt to wake don’t work
  4. Battery drain if 3G network is on the edge, and switching to 2G
  5. No internet with 2G
  6. Weather not working always…

and so on :slight_smile:

I wanted watch which works OOB, not fiddling around with it.

Is there any way to solve this issues, or i just throw it to trashcan.

I need watch which works, not beatifull clock skins :slight_smile:

Best regards !

I’m not sure I understand. The D5 has never been sold as a “companion” device. It is a standalone phone watch. It would take a third party development to enable the functions you are needing and these watches don’t even contain a full Bluetooth stack in the firmware.

I understand that, but in all prospects and leaflets misconfusing is obvious.

Like i said i need device which is capable of both. Standalone and BT tethering.

I was driven by logic, if cheap watch like U8 or DZ09 can do that, this babe for 100 bucks can do even more. Obviously, i was wrong. And even worse, firmware is buggy like hell. Not even single “feature” works as expected. I mean on network stuff 3G/2G/wifi. How they can sell stuff like that?

Only good thing is “beautyfull clockskins” but that’s not worth it, IMHO.

I think i’am done with cheap watches, 100 bucks gone in wind.

Next thing Android Wear 2.0 watch.

Best regards people !

Like i said i need device which is capable of both. Standalone and BT tethering.

Not possible at the moment. Does not exist.

you might considering to sell it rather than throwing to trashcan

well, i really dont know what to do with it…
How much do you offer :slight_smile:

I found another bug, regarding mobile networks.
I live in state border region, and have manually selected mobile operator, but stupid watch switch to roaming, despite i have selected my operator manually.

And it keep switching to better signal, smartwatch ( or should i call it stupid watch ), even it is foreign country mobile network.

I’am really surprised how many seroius sw bugs this half-product have.

Best regards !

I have the same watch & am on a 3G only network & lasts a full day with at least 50% left. I don’t charge at night but when I get up in the morning, I connect to charger and by the time I am showered, shaved & dressed - it is back up to a full charge. Really happy with a fully functional, round faced, phone watch with extras (lots & lots of faces from this talented community) for what is the cost of a very cheap mechanical or digital watch. If I paid the price of an iPhone or Samsung I might be a little disgruntled (but not much). As an early adopter, I’m happy until the next, best watch comes along. I would of course like some more apps for the watch but that will happen sometime.

I’am glad that it work for you.
Unfortunately, tha is not my case.
It has serious bugs, which you will discover eventually :slight_smile:

Best regards !