Hi, I have an HTC one M8 and recently bought a Finow x3 plus,


I have an HTC one M8 and recently bought a Finow x3 plus, I’ve downloaded the Android Wear app (version, and followed the wizard, the app stated that the watch is paired but unfortunately keeps stuck on the next step “updating”. I’ve reset the watch to factory settings, made sure that all the google components on my phone are up to date, I’ve uninstalled-reinstalled the wear app. I’ve even tried an older APK of the wear app… none seems to work. I've also tried to pair with another android device (lenovo vibe shot) yet got stuck again on the "updating" step, I've come to the suspicion that this is a X3+ firmware issue , please, any ideas? 

For the Watch:
Model Number X3PLUS
Android Wear Version 5.1
Android Software Number X3PLUS-v.s.16830-1472504641
Build Number LMY47I
Android Play Services dont know :frowning:

For the Phone:
Model Number HTC One_M8
Android Version 6.0
Android Software Number 6.12.401.4
Android Play Services Version 9.4.52

X3 not Android wear…

the X3 plus is android 5.1 ? or am I mistaken?

Yes it’s 5.1 but it’s not Android wear

I’m sorry guys, I’m new to this subject, so what I understand is that the Finow X3 plus will not connect to an android phone via the Android Wear app?

@Khubaib_Ghazal ​ yes it won’t connect because it’s not an Android wear smartwatch

any alternatives so I could get push notifications and have google store watch faces?

@Khubaib_Ghazal it is a stand alone watch phone, notifications are messed up on this watch, I use it as a standalone watch phone

I should not have bought this if all the functionality of a smart watch will not be available, eitherway my bad, did not research well. and Thank you by the way for your prompt response.

@Khubaib_Ghazal do you solve your problem

@Francis_Girard there is no way to solve it. This is a smart watch phone - not a Wear device. You can use apps like M2D or tablet talk but these are stand alone devices.