Hi. I have a Finow X3 and I use it as a standalone (with

Hi. I have a Finow X3 and I use it as a standalone (with nano sim). I use a pair of Bluetooth headphones with it and I’m having pretty annoying problems with the Bluetooth connection. It seems like Bluetooth signal is weak from the watch. The Bluetooth hardware is on the right headphone and the watch is obviously on the left hand, and that seems to be an issue in terms of my body being an obstacle for the BT signal. If I lift my watch hand, the connection is good. But as soon as I lower my watch hand, BT signal starts to break up. It happens with different headphones so I assume the watch is the problem. If the watch is off my wrist, I don’t have any issue being far or close from it. Is there a firmware update or hardware mod, or anything I could do to fix this??? Thanks in advance…

Just a suggestion, you could try wearing the watch on the right. :wink:

Have a look in the firmware section to see if there is an update to your FW. Generally it sounds like an antenna issue with the watch but it’s very hard to speculate. Moving to the correct section.

@Oscar_Rivera ​, exactly the same problem here!
Although, I’m not sure yet if the problem resides on the watch or if it’s an issue with the bluetooth headset itself (Chinese as well). Need to test with other headsets to make sure.
I’m actually seeking for headsets that have the transmitter/receptor on the left side.
In the meantime I do as @Paul_Mackel ​ suggested, and move the watch to the right while running =)

@Alessandro_Domingos what are your firmware versions - both of you?