Hi, I bought a Finow x5 and I put a T-Mobile sim card in

Hi, I bought a Finow x5 and I put a T-Mobile sim card in it, and it does not work. The watch shows the sim card info. My phone keeps getting a text say the card in blocked and the device is ineligible, return the card to an eligible device. I had this card in my zgpax s8 and it worked fine. T-Mobile changed the card, but it is still the same. What can I do? I know it should work.

Sounds like you have no IMEI number

I used an O2 sim in my X5 but don’t like the idea of topping ot up every 30 days as this is the same as having another contract. Plus in on holiday in Portugal this week and tried to make a call and send text but it didn’t work. I kept getting a recorded message to pay for an extra bolt on. I know it works back in England Ok. Looking at the Chatsim as metioned in another post.

Hi ,wich country?

I live in the UK

I sent the watch back. And got another one. Now I am having the same problem. Pablo what is an IMEI number?

I’m in the USA and just can’t get the sim card to connect to the T-Mobile tower. It finds a 2g connection to a tower and then when I try registering by choosing the T-Mobile network it says “can not connect at this time try again later.” It does this every time I try.

Think can’t get 3g …x5 does not have the right frequency for t-Mobile

X5 has 850 and 2100 for 3g.

This post is alarming. I read that TMo in US uses 2100 and the X5 should have this supported out of the box. Can anyone confirm that they popped in a Tmo sim in the US and it worked right out of the box?

Mine never worked on 3g

Thanks @marc_bessis So 2g only it is then.

Just did a little research on this. T-Mobile actually requires 1700 & 2100 to achieve 3g. Some users have luck with 1700 only but if you only have 2100 = no 3g.

how can I use finow x5 smart watch with india sim

please give solution how to use India sim with finow x5