Hi! I am awaiting delivery of my Lemfo Lem5 ,

Hi! I am awaiting delivery of my Lemfo Lem5 , and wondering if it’s possible to make a watch face like slow watch for it? Dial showing all 24 hours and only one hand showing increments of 15min per line. Like this watchface:

Not to difficult… yes, u can made that easy.

Awesome. Thanks.
Hope you don’t mind my newbie questions. I’ve not stepped deep into the world of SmartWatches yet. Still trying to figure out how this works and what programs to use to modify these.

Glad to see you posted it here :+1:

the tag mulrotate should help ;o)

@Sasa_Kurtovic maybe ask @Alessandro_Limonta or @zsolt_m

i just gave a try; works fine with mulrorate tag; but the “0” is on the top and “12” at ye bottom.

Two ways to make the “0” at the bottom.
#1 design the hand shifted 180°
#2 use the tag (not tested)


ONE ways to make the “0” at the bottom.
#1 design the hour hand shifted of 180°
#2 the tag does NOT work with hours ;o)


EDIT2 : just posted a sample here:

@Alessandro_Limonta I became a bit confused by the flipping weekday there. 26 out of what maximum? How come Saturday suddenly went to minus 26? 26x7 is 182, so it does not correlate with 360 degrees either. What is the actual scale there? Just generally confused… Is it maybe that on whatever day you are, going minus 26 would tilt a day backward or doing -52 would kick it two days back? Same in positive for forward… Like a relative setting, opposed to an absolute?

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz I do not really mind the Midnight being on the bottom. It makes sence in my mind, and it will also be a lot more natural, when or if I manage to implement another feature of the Slow watch, which is to make two dials pointing on the time of sun up and sun down, Then sun up would be on the left side, going up, and sun down on the right side, going down. This feature would need some kind of chart and pulling GPS coordinates to display this correctly, but would be very useful if used while on a hiking trip or out boating, etc. Knowing how much time you have left before you need to find shelter or port. :slight_smile:

My first contribution to the site, as it turns out this watch intrigued me so much I had to make it!

Original Inspiration:

CSM version:

@John_Vann Absolutely perfect! Great job! :smiley: I didn’t get around to making it myself yet so this was a great surprise… :)) Installed now and it’s working like a charm!

Glad you like it!

I don’t like it… I LOVE it! :slight_smile:

@John_Vann ​ The smooth rotation of the arm allows one to estimate even correct time down to +/- 1min. So it’s resolution is even higher than 15min. Used just since yesterday but it’s already more than obvious that I will be having this on for a long time. :))

That’s terrific! I noticed that too, that I can tell time within 2 minutes at a glance, and usually right on if I look closer. I love it too!