Hi how to install custom watch faces on Zeblaze Blitz 3G Smartwatch Phone -

Hi how to install custom watch faces on Zeblaze Blitz 3G Smartwatch Phone - android 5.1 CPU: MTK6580? thanks

I have received mine and i have the same question. Thanks a lot!

Me too…just arrived…very cool smartwatch

You can’t. Simple as that.
One day the launcher software owner might work with us but it’s very difficult indeed.
I have been told maybe some time in August but not sure.
Unfortunately I also do not know if this watch is the same as the I2/KW88 exactly or not.
We do not officially support it. They did not give us anything to work with

@Fabio I have only 2.2 Go instead of 4Go. And you?

That’s what you get because Android OS takes up the rest.

I know but i’ve only 1.08Go of available space! See:

So have a look at what is using the space. Install a decent file explorer and go through the storage partition until you find it.

When i search, there is only empty folder or little files. Have you a name for a decent file explorer?

i just recieved my zeblaze,after update google and other apps in the watch i have 800 mb more less,i have been a lot of problems ttried to sing whatsapp because the “ok” button was almost out off the circulas screen.
i though we could put faces like DNO1 :frowning:
sorry for my english

Hello, you can change circular screen to little square screen by pushing 2 seconds the on off button then in pushing the little watch logo on the top of the screen. It allows you to acces to hidden buttons.

Thanks you.tour comment has been ver y usefull

@ben_m me too i uninstalled all apps I don’t need

Uninstall apps

Which apps did you uninstall?

pinterest instagram …rubbish for me in a smartwatch

The same for me!

It is a good watch, if you consider price and quality. Only minus that I see is that you cant change custom watch faces and guesture function cant open watch face. I hope they will change that.

Just got one and was surprised at the lack of custom faces is there any way to down load more?

Can Eric’s launcher go on this?