Hi, Here's a NIXON Chronicle 44. Simple and soft design.

Hi, Here’s a NIXON Chronicle 44. Simple and soft design.
Original design by NIXON http://www.nixon.com
ClockSkin design by David Teboul.
Enjoy !!
Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Ulb7UMmrQ5bXhjNEd3VjR4Vlk

The real watch :
missing/deleted image from Google+

Hello David… I did not have the answer to my last question, so I ask again ;o) Do you redraw the watch in photoshop, using vectorial shapes (as I do usually) or do you use bitmaps pictures and photos you get or take ?
I’m impressed by the reflexion effect on the external ring… So, photo or vectorial ?

Great job anyway ! Bravo !

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz Hi Roland, it,s just Photoshop from scratch …

I guessed so… (so do I when I “copy” actual watches.Vectorial tools and filters are great in photoshop.)
I’m still impressed by the reflexion effects on the external ring !

May i suggest an improvement ?
You should separate hands and their shadows. Because shadows are always on the same side of the hands !

Use “create layer” in photoshop using right clic in the effects. Then the shadows should be exported separately from the hands and “shifted” by 2-4-6 pixels in the final project (xml file I mean) placed behind the matching hand, and of course have the same rotation value.

I hope i’m clear enough, my english is not so good…Have a look in my own posts, this is usually the way I do it.

Take care, and “bravo” again! Great job.

How to install @androidwear

@Pawel_Sarzynski you did not just ask that question in the Android watches community. Read the faq at the main community page.