Hi here another Replica interpretation of Reef Tiger.

Hi here another Replica interpretation of Reef Tiger. That one was a pain i had to do some tricks with month dial and same goes for all dials. Took me some time to find pieces together and it looks like that hehe. 2 Versions german and english. Powerindicator is the tiny little triangle gowing down!
Have fun enjoy!
If something wrong tell me pls.
Credits: http://www.reeftiger.com
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aDlyaI-jHOl778xefr4CZYCuux4cLqFB/view?usp=sharing

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Looks close to an invicta excursion

Very nice mate.

How really awesome. I look forward to trying it, thank you!!

Lol on my new watch the h2 the seconds are going backwards Oo someone else has this?

@Jurgen_Oberst really nice but why is the second hand going backward? thank you it looks great on my Zeblaze Thor Pro.

@Kevin_Stueber because when I made it I had an other watch where everything worked fine, it wasn’t finetuned for our present engine like Thor or h2 and that’s why it’s posted on the x series section. Greets

Hes one i made in watchmaker missing/deleted image from Google+