Hi guys. This is the situation: I have a zeblaze blitz.

Hi guys. This is the situation: I have a zeblaze blitz.
When answering or making a call, most of the time I can’t hear anything, while the other person can hear me.
I need to exit and re-enter the dialer and go back to the call to have a normal conversation.
After little time this bug is getting really annoying, if you use the smartwatch to call. So past days I was searching for some workaround, with no luck.
I just noticed that this doesn’t happen after I uninstall Play Services, so it needs to be some conflict. But it is not a solution, since you need Services basically for everything.

Can I know if this is a common issue for blitz users, and also maybe for other smartwatches too?
Have someone found a solution already?

Read more: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/136/dialer-behaviour-conflict-google-services#ixzz4LafCoP00

It’s a common problem - so far only KW88 and X3+ has had the issue solved.
All the Sinsoft watches have the issue. Finow x3+ also had the issue but was resolved in latest ota.
So it seems to be common to Android 5.1 watches with a round screen.

Well, then have anyone tried to replace the stock dialer of the blitz with the dialer of the fixed firmware of those 2? Can someone with one of those models share the apk, so that I can try out? Thanks

I tried it - no good. Too many other dependencies. Need a fw update

Thanks for your effort. I hope they will release it as soon as possible. The issue is annoying me so much.

p.s. are you also in the forum? I wish you could check out the topic there

I’m asking for the I2 to be updated to hopefully the Blitz can be done as well.
Trouble is we don’t work with Zeblaze
They never joined us …

So - after a little more investigation - it seems that the I2 was fixed in OTA 20160720. So Blitz is now the only one with this issue :frowning:

But this is weird. Right now I’m using some rom made by a xda user. It is a port from i2, and it shows the same problem.
Maybe he used a previous version? If it is so, it should be possible to make a port from the new firmware, right?

Yep - but new firmware is an OTA…

Well what do you mean? It’s an OTA, so is it possible to make a port out of it? Sorry I dont get it

you need to ask here: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/59/custom-rom-blitz