Hi guys , New to forums .

Hi guys , New to forums . Can someone pls advise me round shaped smartwatch under 100$ , I am not a watch person so I wont have it all the time . I need something that looks sporty , has decent battery , can pull notifications/texts and calls from my phone.

I was thinking of G3 , than someone on XDA said its heart rate sensor is fake. KW88 looks but its around 150$ atm.

Thanks in adv.

This is community for Android based smartwacthes, so G3 is not in our circles :slight_smile:
The X3 / K9 has sporty design and can pull notifications/texts, but not take the calls. It’s now easy to find it well under the 100$.

Thanks @Ciro_Danise ​ . How much battery life u get in day out of X3 or K9 btw . And how is KW watches ?

Is there any that looks like Gear S or Moto 360 or Huwaei

Look at LEMFO watches.