Hi guys, love the great work you do.

Hi guys, love the great work you do. Anyone owns a Lemfo LES1 and be able to extract the Watchfaces? Would VERY much appriciate it :slight_smile:
I very much like this one:

Hi Alessandro, yes, it is standard on the LES1 when you buy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwojRY59LaU&t
At 11:55

@Alessandro_Limonta like what ? As I explained - the face engine is developing - but this is fairly simple example here ?

Example rotate monthday

Aha - I see@Alessandro_Limonta . I should also let you know that this face does not work correctly.

I have emailed you by the way.

@Roy_Verdegem yes - we have it. I will try to extract the faces for you. When I have time

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 TOP! Thanks, no rush

im a curious too

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Alessandro_Limonta
This is stock face from i4, will be nice to see the code for that.
Alessandro and I discussed with that type, but no luck with this settings of hands.
Im really want to made similar type, for us.
Pablo can u extract that too from IQi i4? , when you have.

@zsolt_m sorry mate - please remove the picture. No advertising here :frowning:
However - all you need to do is tell people to google it. That’s what I do.

@zsolt_m It’s interesting that you mention this face. It’s been around on IQI watches for a while. It’s on the i3 as well. I will do my best to extract these for you. Too tired now though …

sorry mate, thanks

Those faces are hard coded in java. That mean you can easily extract the pictures from the APK using any zip manager, then to transform this into a clockskin (if possible) format is a job for our gifted skin creators.

@Alessandro_Limonta hard coded mean it’s a java class for each skin, and an additionnal engine to run clockskin faces. So those ones are not clockskin faces, no XML there but pure java class.

Not catching your point, this watchface works, then porting this skin to clockskin or watchmaker format is possible in the limit of those format for sure.

@Eric_Crochemore @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 when this iqi i4/i3 skin, i cannot with csm format coding, than not relevant my request to extract…


I am saying that this face does not work on other watches - like the Finow or No1 watches. It has no xml to define it. It does work on the other watches as the java is coded for it. So I can pull it from the launcher but it will be just image files - no configuration for CSM - unless you make it from scratch.
However - @Alessandro_Limonta I am interested that you say that there is no month hand before? I have another face which I am sure was built with CSM and it has a Month hand dial and a day hand dial. Is it because they are combined in the single dial in this face you are discussing ? Is this new?

If you are wanting the extracted faces to work on a Finow or No1 watch - you will have a lot of work on your hands @zsolt_m

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 In current engine not exist rotate monthday ( dial/hand). Problem is some month: 31 day, some 30, and feb 28 or 29. :wink:
You can that simulate, with some mask, but really not exist.

The exracted images uninteressant for me, I can better made…
I’v just wanted to see the technique for that, but when that not makeable in CSM , forget to extract.

Then have to use watchmaker format or extend clockskin…