Hi guys Just got my Finow X3 Plus and I'm pretty happy with it.

Hi guys
Just got my Finow X3 Plus and I’m pretty happy with it.
(Coming from an Omate Rise)
I can’t seem to get Google Calendar working, although all my other Google apps work fine.
“SmartwatchTicks” vaguely suggests that one has to disable
the (very limited) stock calendar, and then refers to “watch the other videos” for more info.
Pretty sure I’ve watched all the videos, jus need a quick pointer!
I have disabled the onboard calendar with the Settings Search app,
but when I then install the Google calendar from GooglePlay,
it still refuses to run.
What am I missing?

I had the same issue with my Finow X3 Plus. I tried everything but I was never able to get Google calendar to work. I eventually removed the app. I hope they come up with an update to fix that issue.

Ahh… thank you!

@Lokifish_Marz Yes thank you, Today Calendar works fine, syncs with Google, etc.