Hi guys. I wonder if it is possible to let vibrate the D5 watch

Hi guys. I wonder if it is possible to let vibrate the D5 watch more than once, when it receives notifications from an iPhone. I think that for phone calls and sms coming from a smartphone it would be really useful, specially when you are in a crowdy area. Vibrating just once is not enough for the wrist and it’s easy to miss the notifications. In other smartwatches vibration keep going till you stop it. Any idea?

You might try the app “Good Vibrations” to see if it will interface with notifications in a way that gives you multiple vibrations. Please let us know if it works. Thanks.

Thanks. I tried Good Vibration but I cannot settle it from the watch. I also tried Vibration notifier, but after setting parameters from the watch very easily, when I receive sms or calls the vibration I get is always from the watch (just one) and not from what I settled on the app. It’s a pity because when you are in a noisy area just one vibration is really not enough. Any other idea is well appreciated…

I am using currently an very nice notification app which allows me to select vibration patterns and over hundreds of sounds. It’s called eNotify Lite Alerts.

Free Lite version (Ad revenue based) -

Paid $4.95 -

Thank you Gohran. I will try it. Please consider that I use D5 just as companion of my iphone6 (no sim card inside), so notifications must arrive at the watch when I receive call, sms, etc. from the iphone.
Are you doing the same, or do you use the app on D5 used ad watchphone?