Hi guys, I just received my KW88 yesterday.

Hi guys,

I just received my KW88 yesterday. First thing I did was updated to latest firmware via OTA. All good but I read that we can no longer install additional watchfaces.

Some of us question why they did that, I guess they are worried being sued by Tag afterall we now have access to Tag watch faces.

  1. What is the common way of installing watchfaces? I watched that installing another launcher. Is there another way? I looked at the Tag watch faces and ones that Kenneth Tan created and unzipped both and they have different file structures and files.

  2. I found the default software is useless to send notifications (not that I want it), is there other apps that will work with this watch? I’m used to my Android wear so was kinda expecting the same level of notifications features,.

  3. I also noticed that connecting to wireless access point a bit of hit and miss. Not complaining much because my Sony Smartwatch 3 has the same issue. Anyone else notice this?

Way to go Sinsoft… You’re putting kingwear out of business as far as I’m concerned. Ordered the D5+ and if I knew this I would have never bought this KW88 in the first place… which is (hardware) a beautiful watch. Good luck with the new kw98. There’s something they don’t get… Adding CF is key for most people buying smartwatches.
Don’t think they’ll change it back… Don’t even think we’ll ever hear a reply or sorry from them at all.

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I’ll bet ya, that Kingwear will be pleased with my new watchface app developement. Right @Zoe_Chan ?

@Martin_Nijhuis Wrong thread posted?