Hi guys, another question..

Hi guys, another question…
How do I (or can I) remove an account from my X3 Plus?
For example, I created my Gmail (google) account just fine.
I then (through Gmail) added my corporate Exchange account.
This worked great, with the only drawback being, as we all know, if an Exchange account is added, we have to set a PIN for security purposes.
Again, no problem, the system does as it should and requests a pin when I restart or “wake up” the screen.
This is a bit problematic on a watch in that every time I want to check the time or a notification, I have to enter my PIN.
This PIN can’t be removed as long as that Exchange account is there.
So how can I remove that Exchange (or even my Google gmail) account? There is no standard “Accounts” option in the setup menu, and if I use the Accounts option in for example the Settings Search app or the Manage Accounts section in Gmail, I get kicked back to the watch’s Settings menu when I try to remove an account.
Do I really need to reset my whole watch and start over?
Is there a more “granular” setup/options addon I should be using?

Edit: Anyhow, I just ended up deleting Gmail, resetting the security from PIN to NONE, re-installed Gmail and I’m back in business.
I installed Outlook to get my corporate email, this doesn’t require a PIN lock.

Maybe reset to default data. I think.

you can use the app “settings search”. it let you get to most of the android settings

@Ilan_Shahaf Hi Ilan yes I’ve tried that, overall a great app
but in this case it still doesn’t allow you to delete accounts.